Food Ideas for a Child's Birthday Party

Here are some food ideas for a child's birthday party. Children can eat healthy at other times LOL

Here is a really quick and easy recipe to make fairy rolls. All you need to do is cut the crust off white bread. Then butter the bread cover with sprinkles and roll the bread up and slice into portion sizes. These are a cheap idea and will always go down well with a bunch of children at a party.

If you are thinking of throwing a Cinderella party then here are some fantastic ideas.

There are a couple of ladies that are making orange jello "boats" and savory heart-shaped cheese biscuits for a children's party. The orange boats are a clever idea. Take the juice from the oranges and make jello with the juice. Fill the halves up with the jello and wait until set. Then cut each orange half into thirds and place a cocktail stick with a rice paper sale into the top very effective. 

This brings back happy memories of going to my friends birthday parties when I was young, Her mom used to make boats were the base was an open roll with egg mayonnaise spread on it then she added a rice paper sale. I was so impressed...