How to Build a Childs Den

One of my earliest memories of childhood was going outside to play with all the other children in the area, and making all kinds of dens and shelters from trees and vegetation around us.

I'm a great believer in getting children to spend time outside getting dirty and plenty of fresh air, One great way to do this is by making dens.

Of course when it is cold and raining a den can easily be constucted inside for example with a big cardbord box or under a table.

Here are some tips from the Eden Project in Cornwell, England

You don’t need much more than a table and a sheet to make a great den, either in the house, garden or outside in the park or woods. But if you can get your hands on some interesting (and free!) materials read more here
Here is some research from America and Sweden that show how important it is for a child to make a den
 New research by academics in the US and Scandinavia is showing both that dens are crucial to children's development read more here
Here are some more shelter and den ideas that a child can become involved in.

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