Recycled Green Sea Airplane Pool, Bath or Seaside Toy for a Toddler

Recycled Green Sea Airplane Pool Bath or Seaside Toy for a Toddler
This item is a recycled green sea airplane pool, bath or seaside toy for a toddler.

When I read that this was made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs I was really surprised and decided I had to look at this product in more detail. In the manufacturing process they have made sure the the final product is safe and free from BPA's etc that concern us. It is even up to FDA food standards so you won't need to worry if your toddler decides to put this in their mouth.

Not only does it have green environmental credentials it also is a great toy. In the many glowing reviews I noticed that parents said their children really enjoyed sinking the seaplane and then tipping out all the water and sinking it again. Perfect gift for use in pools, sea and bath.